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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Question...   In the Add-to-3 event, do you use decimal numbers or whole numbers?  In other words, can a .51 play with a .151, where their total would be 2.02 (less than 3), whereas, if you use whole numbers for wach player you would have a 1 playing with a 2, adding to 3 which would be acceptable?

Answer...  Whole numbers for each player are used, so a .51 (1) and a 1.51 (2) may play together.  (Incidentally, we would like to see this change in the future as using decimal ratings is simply more fair (assuming a .51 is a better player than a 1.49), but to date, tournaments just don't do it this way.  I suspect it's just done to keep things simple... I guess).

Question...   What's the deal for us RV'ers?

Answer...  You CAN park your RV in the parking lot of the hotel, however, management says you still must have a room in the hotel.