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The intent of this presentation is to demonstrate ways in which software can be used to (1) make the ratings available to tournament directors and players in a convenient way, (2) to aid the Bowers' Committee in the areas of data entry and ratings analysis, and (3) propose a strategy that could be implemented to make these ideas turn into reality in a timely and efficient manner.

Note that much of the information in this presentation suggests making rating information accessible to the public in a way that goes far beyond what has already been done, and therefore will bring up further discussion relating to data integrity.  As I understand it, the term, "data integrity" has been used by representatives of the Bowers' Committee to mean that duplicate versions of the ratings list may end up containing different information, since the Bowers' Committe may make adjustments and corrections throughout the year.

With that in mind, consider these 2 points.  (1) Data Integrity (as defined above) is not directly addressed in this presentation and tools and approaches to safeguard against the concerns expressed by Bowers' Committee personnel will be offered depending upon the response to this presentation.  Secondly, keep in mind that all or any part of the software depicted in this presentation could reside on one machine, namely the Bowers' committee machine. 

There are 3 sections in this presentation which illustrate the basic form of the software tools I am proposing (Ratings Viewer, Rate Players, and Statistics).   The last section, Open Source, proposes strategies and approaches to turning prototypes and illustrations into living, working, real software tools.