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Ingredients for a Successful Shuffleboard Tournament

Pick a good time... say, Presidents' Day weekend, find a good bar with a friendly owner and great bartenders, surrounded by lots of hotels, and finally, induct Fred Thumann into the HOF. This year's annual Northern CA shuffleboard tournament was hosted by T's Cocktail's of Modesto. A whopping 103 players showed up to get in on the 4 day, 4 event showdown. Total prize money came to $49,785. Dan Hitt was the big winner in the open events, placing 1st in the open singles, and 1st in the open doubles with his partner, Dave Keithahn. Ty Bayne and Warren Goldsmith took 1st in the add-to-3 doubles, and were on the 1st place ABC team which also included Mick Medlin.

Bill Maxwell furnished the 6 brand new Venture shuffleboard tables. Billy's hard work and support were vital to the success of the tournament. Thanks, also, to Dave Keithahn, for all of his assistance in setting up the boards and putting up the lights.

Lorraine Bingham-Olson did a phenomenol job putting together Freddy's HOF booklet, which included lots of color photos and 37 testimonials.

The tournament staff consisted of Jane Mourgos, Lorraine Bingham-Olson, Dan Mourgos, and tournament director, Eddie Brayman.

Special thanks to John McDermott, Bubba Warren, and Joe Hudson, for their never-ending support and advice.


Inside T's: The tournament was held on 6 brand new Venture boards

furnished by Bill Maxwell.


Fred Thumann, the latest California Shuffleboard HOF inductee

with tournament director, Eddie Brayman


Lorraine Bingham-Olson, Jane Mourgos, and Dan Mourgos


John McDermott


The Winners




ABC: 1st Place (L-R)

Mick Medline, Warren Goldsmith, John McDermott (standing

in for sponsor, Lorraine Bingham-Olson) and Ty Bayne


ABC: 2nd Place (L-R)

Gary Johnson, Bob Brunskill, Steve Fisher (sponsor),

and Young Bob Davidson


ABC: 3rd Place (L-R)

Dixie Debbie Merhoff, Ted Curtice, Jim Alford,

and Dave Brennan (sponsor)


ABC: 4th Place (L-R)

<No Photo>

Jane Mourgos, Chuck Corcoran, Barbara Crum,

and Jim Martin (sponsor)



Am Dbls: 1st Place (L-R)

Ty Bayne, Warren Goldsmith, and sponsor,

Lorraine Bingham-Olson (not in photo)


Am Dbls: 2nd Place (L-R)

Jolene Lembke, Charlie Busch, and

sponsor, Steve Fisher (not in photo)


Am Dbls: 3rd Place (L-R)

Cindy Clark, Jane Mourgos, and sponsor,

Vickie Hunt (not in photo)


ABC: 4th Place (L-R)

Anna Brunskill, Bob Brunskill, and Bob Cat (sponsor)



Open Dbls: 1st Place (L-R)

Steve Fisher (sponsor), Dave Keithahn, and Dan Hitt


Open Dbls: 2nd Place (L-R)

Al Pease, Darrol Nelson, and sponsor,

Steve Fisher (not in photo)


Open Dbls: 3rd Place (L-R)

Hal Perry, George Camara, and sponsor,

Ty Bayne (not in photo)


Open Dbls: 4th Place (L-R)

Karl Spickelmier, Dudley Hutcherson, and

sponsor, Jim Martin (not in photo)



Open Sngls: 1st Place (L-R)

Dan Hitt and sponsor, Steve Kalamarski


Open Sngls: 2nd Place (L-R)

John McDermott and sponsor, Kenny Hawkes


Open Sngls: 3rd Place (L-R)

Danny Holland and sponsor, Steve Fisher (not in photo)


Open Sngls: 4th Place (L-R)

<No Photo>

Nick Chaffin and sponsor, J.R. Noel