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On Friday, October 24, 2003, Jimmy Olson and Lorraine Bingham walked down the aisle in Reno, Nevada. Friends and family were present to witness the transition of Hurricane Lorraine Bingham to Mrs. Hurricane Lorraine Olson. The ceremony was simple, yet tasteful. The best man was the groom's sister, the maid of honor was a guy, and the rest of the attendees were a bunch of burnt out shuffleboard players.


Anxious but ready, Lorraine prepares for her big day.

Guests included some of the biggest names in shuffleboard.

That's the best man eyeballing the camera.


Dum, dum, dum, dum...





Lorraine looks at Jimmy with concern as his face begins to turn a pale orange. Meanwhile, Darrol Nelson, the number one rated shuffleboard player in the U.S. takes a brief nap.








The maid of honor struggles to remove the

wedding ring from his finger



One ringy dingy...

...Two ringy dingy...





Dave K. shows Darrol N. his new stroke.

Afterwards they discuss shuffleboard.


John MacD tries to sell some weights at the wedding.


...Unfortunately, not everyone was able to attend the wedding.

Here's what some people were doing during the wedding...



Joe Hudson and Bill Melton get down to business

Rick Gindt gets down to business