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Owned and operated by John Azevedo, the 133 Club has become Northern California's premier spot for great shuffleboard action.

Local players include George Camara, Eddie Brayman, Rick Thomas, Chuck and Carol Corcoran, Cheryl, and other up and comers. Frequent visitors from Modesto include Bob and Barbara Crum, JR Noel, and Rich Porter.

You'll also often find shuffleboard legends from Sacremento, including Nick Chaffin, Joe Hudson, Hal and Steve Perry, and Bobby Hunt. Of course, no tournament is complete without the shuffleboard girls; Shari Hudson, Vicki Hunt, and Bev Chaffin.

From the south, in the Santa Clara area, where many of us learned how to play the game, we get such shuffleboard die hards like Pete Craven, Lorraine Bingham, Jimmy Olson, George Main, and Dave Keithahn.

The 133 Club has held a number of tournaments in recent years, and continues to draw people from all over the western U.S. This year's Memorial Day tournament is scheduled to be a biggie, with 9 days of events designed to accomodate amateurs and pros.


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